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                                      GRADUATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (POLICY)

     Students who will be graduating are eligible to apply for assistance to pay outstanding tuition, fees and
     bookstore bills.  In order to be eligible for assistance, students must meet the following criteria:

     1.  Complete the application process for assistance.  This includes a completed application with a two page
         double spaced essay explaining why they incurred a debt and why they cannot pay for the outstanding
         tuition and bookstore bills prior to graduation.

     2.  Has financial need.  Financial need will be determined on the basis as to whether the student is eligible
         for federal aid irregardless of the student being on suspension, has used their max Pell or loss of
         eligibility status for federal financial aid due to the student having a Bachelor's Degree.  (The student
         has to have applied for Pell for the current school year or provide tax documents for the previous year).

         Students will be considered for graduation assistance and may be granted assistance if their Expected
         Family Contribution does not exceed the cost of attendance at Oglala Lakota College.

     3.  Students CANNOT be in default on a student loan.

     4.  Students who have graduated with a higher degree are not eligible to receive assistance for additional
         lower degrees or certificates at a later date.  (i.e.: A student received a Bachelors Degree in 2003 and
         then received an AA Degree in 2004, the student is not eligible for the assistance in 2004 because he/she
         received a higher degree in the previous year.)

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