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By Diane Winters, Assistant to the President
email: Diane Winters

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[dir] webgallery [0 Files]0.0  B2012-May-21 
[pdf] 2016 Elections official results.pdf114.3 KB2016-Nov-14 
[pdf] 2016 OLC Board of Trustee and Local Board Candidate List.pdf235.3 KB2016-Oct-20 
[pdf] 2016_Unofficial_Results.pdf114.8 KB2016-Nov-09 
[doc] All Staff Memo 11-2-09.doc23.5 KB2009-Nov-02 
[doc] All Staff Memo 11-30-09.doc23.5 KB2009-Nov-30 
[doc] All Staff memo OLN Pow Wow 09.doc27.5 KB2009-Jul-27 
[pdf] Election Time Frame 2018.pdf181.9 KB2018-Aug-29 
[pdf] Election_Time_Frame_2016.pdf183.9 KB2016-Sep-19 
[pdf] Final PWO approval jan 2016 Strategic plan.pdf338.7 KB2016-Aug-08 
[pdf] Flyer for Ms. OLC 2018.pdf269.3 KB2018-May-23 
[docx] HLC_Board_of_Trustees_March-11-2014_Table_FINAL.docx26.5 KB2014-Mar-13 
[doc] Little Big Horn Day.doc27.5 KB2009-Jun-08 
[pdf] Memo BOT initial info 2018.pdf7.6 KB2018-Aug-29 
[doc] Memo Memorial Day 2009.doc27.0 KB2009-May-19 
[pdf] olc_scholarship_endowment_campaign.pdf912.8 KB2016-Sep-19 
[pdf] organization_chart.pdf72.6 KB2015-Aug-25 
[pdf] PressRelElections 10-15-18.pdf240.1 KB2018-Oct-15 
[pdf] press_release_2014.pdf74.9 KB2014-Sep-16 
[pdf] Press_Release_2016.pdf113.8 KB2016-Sep-20 
[pdf] Strategic_Plan.pdf501.7 KB2017-Apr-24 
[doc] Toms Bio 1.doc24.5 KB2014-Nov-13 
[doc] Veterans Day 2009.doc23.0 KB2009-Nov-02 
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