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By Leslie Mesteth, Registrar
email: Leslie Mesteth

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File Size Modified Description
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[dir] Applied Science Department [12 Files]521.5 KB2011-Aug-29 
[dir] Business Department [2 Files]295.1 KB2011-Aug-29 
[dir] Education Department [8 Files]1.9 MB2011-Aug-29 
[dir] Graduate Department [0 Files]0.0  B2011-Aug-29 
[dir] Humanities Department [8 Files]3.7 MB2011-Sep-13 
[dir] Lakota Studies Department [5 Files]1.3 MB2011-Aug-31 
[dir] Math and Science Department [9 Files]2.2 MB2011-Oct-11 
[dir] Nursing Department [1 File]321.4 KB2011-Sep-02 
[dir] Social Work Department [2 Files]299.4 KB2011-Sep-02 
0 Files - 9 FoldersTotal size: 10.4 MB   
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