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[doc] SoSC 313 Statistics for Social Science.doc162.0 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] SoSc 263 Participatory Action Research.doc40.0 KB2011-Aug-24 
[docx] SoSc 353 Race and Ethnicity.docx304.1 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] SoSc 373 Community Development and Social Change.doc48.0 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] SoSc 423 Decolonization and Liberation.doc51.0 KB2011-Aug-24 
[doc] SoSc 223 Genocide and Colonization.doc50.0 KB2011-Aug-24 
[docx] SoSc 233 Social Science Research.docx102.7 KB2012-Aug-22 
[docx] SoSc 333 Social Science Theory.docx93.1 KB2012-Aug-22 
[doc] SoSc 383 Social Policy.doc49.5 KB2012-Aug-22 
[docx] SoSc 413 Internship in Social Science.docx16.6 KB2012-Aug-22 
[docx] SoSc 433 Social Science Research.docx101.5 KB2012-Aug-22 
[docx] SoSc 463 Development and Nation Building.docx39.0 KB2012-Aug-22 
[pdf] SoSc 313 Stats_Syllabus_Fall_2013.pdf53.8 KB2013-Sep-15 
[docx] SoSc103_Fall13_MasterSyllabus.docx87.5 KB2013-Sep-15 
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