Lakota Native Science Field Center (LNSFC)

Elvin Returns From Scout, Director, Lakota Native Science Field Center, Phone

The Lakota Native Science Field Center is a collaborative effort to develop adult education programs, and a science biological assessment program. This initiative will help insure that adults and youth have access to the knowledge the need to reduce human impacts on the environment.

How You Can Become Involved

  • Adults - Oglala Lakota College offers training to educational staff, the community and educaion leaders
  • Youth - Complete the application forms available from your teacher or call 455-6004
  • Teachers - Encourage your students to participate in the program!
Contact Elvin Returns to find out what you can do for your community.

LNSFC is organizing year-round environmental science education programs for adults and youth (ages 8 to 18) in Boys and Girls Clubs, AISES chapters, Upward Bound programs, and schools NSFC will help youth and elders integrate environmental science, culture, and language through the sharing of scientific data and stories about individuals and community.

By encouraging youth and adults to ask questions about ecological health issues and actively participate in field research and honoring indigenous and scientific ways of knowing, this project will nurture future generations that are more capable of monitoring and caring for tribal lands, waterways, and each other.

Natural community leaders are those individuals who step forward when others look to them for help. Hopa Mountain provides these leaders with training, mentoring, and networking opportunities and financial resources to help them create and expand much needed opportunities for advancing the education, ecological health and economic well being of their communities.