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By James Dudek, Instructor of Information Technology
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[dir] assessment [57 Files]20.8 MB2015-Jul-08 
[dir] degree_offerings [45 Files]7.0 MB2014-Sep-23 
[dir] department_handbook [0 Files]0.0  B2014-Sep-16 
[dir] department_overview [1 File]595.2 KB2015-Feb-19 
[dir] Dept_Assessment [15 Files]371.7 KB2014-May-12 
[dir] Dept_Forms [1 File]12.2 KB2014-May-21 
[dir] Dept_Minutes [2 Files]1.7 MB2015-Sep-15 
[dir] faculty_and_non-faculty_orientation_power_point [0 Files]0.0  B2014-Sep-16 
[dir] Math_Review [13 Files]2.1 MB2014-Nov-24 
[dir] MST_Research_Assistants [8 Files]2.7 MB2016-Jan-08 
[dir] mst_student_posters [24 Files]39.9 MB2018-Mar-13 
[dir] science_fair_2018 [5 Files]557.8 KB2018-Mar-20 
[dir] Stuff [16 Files]2.9 MB2014-Feb-17 
[dir] Syllabi-fl-2017 [19 Files]2.8 MB2017-Sep-25 
[dir] Syllabi_Archive [104 Files]9.2 MB2014-Mar-25 
[dir] Syllabi_Master [182 Files]25.6 MB2014-Mar-25 
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