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[docx] Math 103 edited assignments oct 1 2012.docx15.4 KB2012-Oct-03 
[doc] Math 103 Elementary Algebra dsandoval.doc172.5 KB2012-Sep-12 
[docx] Math 103 Elementary Algebra jrodin.docx29.3 KB2012-Oct-03 
[doc] Math103_Sp12_Schwalm.doc66.5 KB2011-Aug-25 
[doc] Math 123 Introduction to Statistics.doc68.5 KB2011-Aug-25 
[doc] Math 134 Intermediate Algebra.doc44.0 KB2011-Aug-25 
[docx] Math 134 Intermediate Algebra1.docx21.0 KB2011-Aug-25 
[doc] Math 134 Intermediate Algebra asilva.doc113.5 KB2012-Sep-05 
[pdf] Math 134 Intermediate Algebra cdelong.pdf181.4 KB2012-Aug-27 
[docx] Math 134 Intermediate Algebra jrodin.docx31.9 KB2012-Oct-03 
[doc] Math 154 College Algebra.doc44.5 KB2011-Aug-25 
[doc] Math 154 College Algebra asilva.doc138.5 KB2012-Sep-05 
[doc] Math 154 College Algebra jrodin.doc139.5 KB2012-Oct-03 
[doc] Math 163 Trigonometry.doc44.0 KB2011-Aug-25 
[doc] Math 191 Pre-Calculus.doc44.0 KB2011-Aug-25 
[doc] Math 194 Calculus I.doc44.5 KB2011-Aug-25 
[doc] Math 214 Calculus II.doc43.0 KB2011-Aug-25 
[doc] Math 214 Calculus II asilva.doc146.0 KB2012-Sep-05 
[docx] Math 223 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I.docx35.7 KB2011-Aug-25 
[doc] Math 224 Calculus III.doc51.0 KB2011-Aug-25 
[doc] Math 233 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II.doc88.5 KB2012-Oct-03 
[pdf] Math 263 Discrete Structures.pdf302.8 KB2011-Aug-25 
[doc] Math 313 Introduction to Statistics.doc65.5 KB2011-Aug-25 
[doc] Math 323 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I.doc100.0 KB2011-Aug-25 
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