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[pdf] 2012_Jones_Sanovia_LaGarry_A Resource Inventory of Selected Sites Adjacent to the White Clay Fault in Southwest South Dakota.pdf4.5 MB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2012_White_K_Preliminary Test Program for Friction Stir Processed Aluminum Stiffeners applicable to the Navy Littoral Combat Ship.pdf567.9 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2013_Griffith_Higa_Comparing Home Range and Utilized Distribution Patterns of Ornate Box Turtles in South Dakota.pdf2.2 MB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2013_Higa_West_Vargas_Hibernation of Ornate Box Turtles near their Northern Range Limit_Pine Ridge Reservation_S.D.pdf9.7 MB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2013_LeBeau_Sandoval_Comparing Methods of Extracting Essential Oils of Bitter Gourd Melon & Wild Cucumber.pdf1.7 MB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2013_White_K_Indoor Air Quality_Policy, Regulation & Test Procedures.pdf532.6 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2013_Zephier_Sanovia_Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDar) to Monitor Bank Erosion along Big Bend on the Missouri River (Mnisosa Wakpa).pdf4.5 MB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2014_Beille_LaGarry_Sanovia_XRF analysis of the Harrison Formation.pdf595.0 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2014_Bluehorse_Tinant_Poster_Water Quality Using Aquatic Macroinvertebrates.pdf373.5 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2014_Cutschall_Sandoval_Natural Zeolites from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for the Separation of Linalool and other Biofuel Chemicals produced from Cyanobacteria Photosynthesis.pdf813.5 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2014_Ferguson_Tinant_Flow duration curve analysis of three streams in Southwestern South Dakota.pdf565.9 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2014_Griffith_Higa_Movement and Hibernation Site Fidelity of the Ornate Box Turtle on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota.pdf2.4 MB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2014_LeBeau_Sandoval_U-V Visible relationship of Absorbance vs Extract Concentration from Echinocystis Lobata.pdf472.3 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2014_Vasek_Mineralogical Characterization of the Yellow Mounds Paleosol and Chamberlain Pass Formation in Northeastern Sioux and Northwestern Dawes Counties, Nebraska.pdf3.2 MB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2014_Zephier_Broken Leg_Tinant_Delineation of 100-Year Flood Plain for Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation_Pine Ridge Reservation.pdf788.5 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2015_Big Crow_Helper_Stagnetto_Zweig_An Evaluation or the Feasibility of Utilizing a WiMax System to Provide Internet Service on the Pine Ridge Reservation.pdf765.9 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2015_Cano_J_Tinant_Evaluating Water Quality on the Bear in The Lodge and Pass Creek Watersheds.pdf410.3 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2015_Griffith_Higa_Sanovia_A Comprehensive Model for Predicting Habitat of the Ornate Box Turtle on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, S.D.pdf1.0 MB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2015_Harms_J_Tinant_Determination of Nutrient Limitation in Pine Ridge Reservation Streams.pdf356.8 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2015_Janis_M_Sanovia_Engineering A Sustainable Way to Access Fresh Produce.pdf541.6 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2015_Vargas_et_al_Evaluating Cattle Interogression on the Pine Ridge Reservation.pdf707.6 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2017_Red_Eagle_Sandoval_Dixon_The Effects of Mobile Polarity Composition on Asarone in HPLC Chomatography.pdf480.9 KB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2018_Ruiz A._et al_Identifying Additional Land Suitable for Food Production on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.pdf1.7 MB2018-Mar-13 
[pdf] 2018_White Bull_West_Tinant_Validating Rel. Humidity as the Env. Control Factor for Successful Mycorrhizal Growth.pdf1.2 MB2018-Mar-13 
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