Teen Dating Violence - Compiled 9-23-2013

Websites on Teen Dating Violence
Cambridge Public Schools Teen Dating Violence as a Public Health Issue Just Date Now Dating Matters - Strategies to promote healthy teen relationships
Florida School Policy Tween and Teen Dating Violence and Abuse Study, 2008

White House - Together We Must End Dating Violence

Florida Office of Safe Schools Website on Teen Dating Violence
Florida Statue - 2013 Warning signs of Teen Dating Violence Ohio Crime Victim Services - Dating Violence Dangerous Games: Power and Control in Teen Dating Relationships -for teachers in schools
Florida Dept. of Education Model Policy Againts Teen Dating Violence Warning signs of Teen Dating Violence Signs of Dating Violence - Definitions??? What every teacher should know about domestric and teen dating violence
Possible South Dakota Law Teen Dating Violence: A review of risk factors and prevention. Dating Violence Quiz - Educational Tool Teen Dating Violence Prevention - Lots of good strategies
Model Teen Dating Violence Policy

Dating Violence Against Adolescent Girls and Associated Substance Use, Unhealthy Weight Control, Sexual Risk Behavior, Pregnancy, and Suicidality - Research article

Teen Relationships - a site for teens by teens Stop Bullying - Govt Website with lots of stuff
State Laws on Teen Dating Violence Bonomi et al (2012) Dating violence victimization across the teen years - abuse, frequency, etc. Love is Not Abuse - Liz Clairborne site on teen dating violence Womancare - Teen Dating Violence facts, interventions, quizzes...
Bowie Independent School District Policy on Teen Dating Violence   Minnesota electronic clearinghouse on dating violence - articles and other resources Resources - Kaiser Permanente
Break the Cycle - School Dating Violence Policy   National Coalition against Domestic Violence Website Teen Dating Violence Toolbox - very extensive resource
Rapid City Schools Policy Manual - Online   USANEWS Report on Teen Dating Violence WAVI - Working Against Domestic Violence - Rapid City's effort to prevent domestric violence
Rapid City Schools Wellness Policy   The Purple Reign Campaign - Everyday heroes Against Domestic Abuse Herman (2012) There's a fine line - Adolescent dating violence and prevention
    Teen Dating - Resources for teens and parents Kervin & Obinna (2010) Youth action strategies in the primary prevention of teen dating violence
    Domestic Violence - Dating safety Maas et al (2010) Childhood predictors of teen dating violence vicitimization
    Power & Control Wheel Teten et al (2011) Dating Matters - Strategies to promote healthy teen relationships
    Power & Control Wheel