BOT 12-16-2006, 06-28-07, 12-20-2008

E. Math and RW 083/093 Tuition Waiver

Students who are enrolled and do not pass 083 or 093 courses the first time can enroll again tuition free. Students must complete and submit a tuition waiver form to the Registrar's Office in order to receive the tuition waiver once the course is satisfactorily completed. The waiver shall apply only to the second and third attempt, after that they may still take the course but will have to pay the tuition associated with the course.

  • This specific tuition waiver applies to the 083/093 Math and RW courses only.
  • Students who qualify to take college level courses according to the OLC catalog matrix are still responsible for tuition and fees applicable to the other courses.
  • It shall be the student's responsibility to track their course history and complete the tuition waiver.
  • Students must meet with Foundational Studies staff for referral when they cannot pass the course after the third attempt.

Math and RW 083/093 Tuition Waiver