BOT 12-16-2006, 06-28-07

C.I. Tuition Waiver for Veterans

Veterans may be granted tuition waivers. The tuition waiver is good for undergraduate courses only. To qualify, the Veteran must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have used all entitlement to, or not be eligible for, educational benefits, (Veterans benefits, Pell grants, Higher Education grants, Scholarships.)
  • Must have honorable discharge.
  • Must have served more than 181 days in the Military. (Proof of Military Service is the DD-214).
  • Must be a first generation college student.
  • Tuition waiver will be granted until a first Bachelor's degree is completed.

II. Veteran Debt Waiver

All Veteran that qualify for the tuition waiver and have debts with Oglala Lakota College will have these debts waived.

Veterans Tuition Waiver Form