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By Brett Bump, Network Systems Administrator
Webdesigner for OLC Warehouse, Technical Support Services, Network Systems Administrator, College Announcements
email: Brett Bump

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[dir] IT243 [7 Files] 1.2 MB2017-Oct-26 
[dir] Server_Farm [62 Files] 45.2 MB2017-Sep-28 
[dir] webgallery [186 Files] 159.6 MB2018-Aug-16 
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[pdf] blog.pdf5193.6 MB2009-Apr-23Tech Training 101.1 Blogging
[] crypt [get md5sum]84632.0  B2009-Sep-11 
[pdf] No_Meth_Ever_Flyer.pdf [get md5sum]237395.1 KB2016-Oct-06 
[pdf] Oglala_Lakota_College_Mid-Cycle_Review_Standard_Pathway_Action_Letter_03-30-18.pdf3301.2 MB2018-Apr-04 
[pdf] Oglala_Lakota_FinalReport_.pdf [get md5sum]413303.4 KB2018-Apr-04 
[mov] p2264887.mov10611.2 MB2010-Mar-02 
[mov] PC070012.MOV10917.2 MB2014-Jan-04 
[mov] PC070013.MOV12133.3 MB2014-Jan-04 
[pdf] wiki.pdf5912.3 MB2009-Apr-23Tech Training 101.2 College Centers on the Wiki
[pdf] www.pdf9562.8 MB2009-Apr-23Tech Training 101 Webfolders and Webgalleries
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