Keyboard Shortcuts: PowerPoint

Keyboard Shortcuts for PowerPoint Slide Shows

Whether you use a mouse or a remote to navigate through a PowerPoint slide show presentation, it is also handy to use keyboard shortcuts. Here is a selection to try:

Run a slide show: [F5]

Advance to the next slide (any of these): [Right], [Down], [N] (for Next), [Spacebar], [Page Down] (or click the left mouse)

Return to the previous slide (any of these): [Left], [Up], [P] (for Previous), [Backspace], [Page Up]

Go to specific slide number: type slide number and press [Enter]

Display a black screen or go back to slide show: [B] or [Period]

End a slide show: [Esc]

Hide the mouse pointer: [Ctrl] + [H]

Activate the mouse pointer: [Ctrl] + [A]

Help during the slide show (displays these and other keyboard shortcuts):: [F1]

Note: you can also right-click anywhere on the slide show screen for a shortcut menu with many of these same actions.

Visit for a free handout of great PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts.