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     Shirley Lewis, He Sapa Center Director, Phone
     Ginna Arguello, He Sapa Counselor, Phone
     Leatrice Wilson, He Sapa Counselor, Phone
     Madonna Wright, He Sapa Counselor, Phone
     Jackie Alcantar, SSS Counselor, Phone

     He Sapa Center is located at 127 Knollwood Dr. in Rapid City South Dakota.

     The center director is Shirley Lewis and this center has three academic counselors, Leatrice Wilson, Ginna
     Arguello and Madonna Wright.  Each counselor usually has a case load of 100 plus students, that we assist per
     semester.  We had 65 new students enroll for the Spring 2008 semester.  The He Sapa College Center continues
     to grow in student enrollment each semester.  We look forward to seeing more new students come in to enroll
     for the Fall 2008 semester.

     He Sapa also has a student support services office, which consists of one Student support services counselor,
     Jackie Alcantar and a peer mentor and peer tutor.  This office assists students with tutoring, they offer
     math labs and writing labs as well as various other student services.

     We have two student groups, which are The Student Organization and American Indian Business Leaders.  Both of
     these groups are made up of several students, who attend this center.  Each of these groups are very active
     in the college as well as in the community.  They assist with community Wacipis, dinners and various other
     activities that come up during the semester.
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