America's Libraries Change Lives Part 1 of 2 (11:58 minutes)
America's Libraries Change Lives Part 1 of 2 (5:46 minutes)

Need a Library Card?

If you are a resident of the Pine Ridge Reservation or an OLC student and you need a library card just download this form, fill it out and send it to the library. We will send your library card to your college center for you to pick up.

Thank you Friends of Pine Ridge!

The response to your call to provide preschool materials for Head Start and Early Head Start children we are serving through our IMLS grant has been remarkable. We truly appreciate your help with this book drive!

IMLS Grant project

Woksape Tipi Taniyohila Kici (House of Wisdom for All) will provide English and Lakota materials for parents to use with their preschool children.

This web site provides access to relevant web content for OLC students and our reservation community. We understand that web browsing can be time consuming and difficult so these pages were developed to address community interest and student curriculum. Please feel free to contact the library staff to suggest a new site or to let us know if you find a problem with one of the sites listed.

Hours: 8:30-5:00, Monday-Friday. Phone: (605) 455-6069

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