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[dir] Clay Animation [1 File] 8.6 MB2011-May-06 
[dir] Conceptual Framework [1 File] 4.5 MB2011-Oct-02Education Department Conceptual Framework
[dir] Curriculum Unit Plans [4 Files] 1.8 MB2010-Oct-02Sample curriculum unit plans developed by OLC students enrolled in MS/HS Concepts.
[dir] ECH Syllabi [34 Files] 71.3 MB2011-Apr-12Course Syllabi for ECH Program of Study
[dir] ED 483 Technology for Teachers [9 Files] 546.2 KB2014-Feb-03Course Syllabus, Session Agendas, and Support Materials for Technology Projects
[dir] Effective Instruction Professional Development Workshop [4 Files] 4.9 MB2018-Jan-11Handouts from Instructional Division Meeting: January 8, 2018
[dir] ENCC Family Literacy Night, Oct 2012 [6 Files] 1.4 MB2012-Oct-06Documents related to Jumpstart's Read for the Record event at ENCC - Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad
[dir] ENCC Family Math Night [10 Files] 8.3 MB2013-Mar-06 
[dir] Increasing Student Engagement Through Effective Teaching and Classroom Management [4 Files] 616.9 KB2016-Aug-09 
[dir] Lakota First Curriculum 2011 [10 Files] 8.0 MB2011-Jun-13K-3 Lakota First Curriculum (June 2011)
[dir] LMEA 733 Curriculum Fall 2011 [9 Files] 879.0 KB2011-Dec-14Lakota Leadership Curriculum for 6th-8th Grade
[dir] LMEA 733 Curriculum Summer 2012 [7 Files] 522.0 KB2012-Jun-13Governance Curriculum for 4th and 5th Grade
[dir] LMEA 733 Lakota Curriculum Units [6 Files] 935.0 KB2010-Dec-08Integrated Curriculum Units Developed Fall 2010
[dir] Reading To Learn [4 Files] 172.5 KB2012-Jan-09Faculty Development Workshop January 2012
[dir] Support Plans [2 Files] 54.5 KB2010-Oct-30Sample positive relationship / behavior support plans developed by OLC students enrolled in MS/HS Concepts.
[dir] Teacher Preparation Standards [1 File] 55.0 KB2012-Aug-23Professional teaching standards: INTASC, NAEYC, CEC, and ACEI.
[dir] Tiered Instruction Lesson Plans [4 Files] 114.5 KB2010-Jun-13Sample lesson plans created by OLC students enrolled in Introduction to Exceptional Education.
[dir] webgallery [83 Files] 144.9 MB2014-Oct-22 
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