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The purpose of the Graduate Department at Oglala Lakota College is to develop individual management and leadership skills that are harmonious with Lakota values. Oglala Lakota College's graduate programs of study are designed to expand understanding of contemporary society through a full application of the Lakota culture and its world relationships; to increase knowledge in a particular area; to challenge values and philosophy; to encourage independent research, and implementation; to develop and refine communication skills; to foster reflective thinking processes; to provide intellectual stimulation and a foundation for continued study.

The Department encourages development of graduate programs that explore the full application of Lakota culture into contemporary society, contribute to the advancement of knowledge through reservation-based research, promote the integration of rigorous theory and quality practice, and provide a critical foundation for life-long learning. A graduate degree from Oglala Lakota College is a source of pride for those dedicated individuals who seek excellence in education.

The Board of Trustees (BOT) created the Graduate Studies Department on April 1995 because of increased demand for graduate courses and degrees. The current graduate program consists of a Master of Arts degree in Lakota Leadership and Management and a Master of Arts degree in Lakota Leadership and Management with an Emphasis in Education Administration.

Graduate Studies Application Information Deadline is April 27, 2012

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